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Published in:   Vol. 4 Issue 1 Date of Publication:   June 2015

Passive Adhoc Identity for Sybil Attack Detection Using NDD Algorithm

A. Muruganandam,R. Anitha

Page(s):   23-27 ISSN:   2278-2397
DOI:   10.20894/IJCNES. Publisher:   Integrated Intelligent Research (IIR)

Ad hoc routing protocols are used to find a path end-to-end through the cooperative network. This research focuses on the Sybil Attack Detection of Wireless Sensor Networks. Sybil Attack may act indifferent ways such as threading, voting system, fair resource allocation, etc. In the Sybil attack a single node presents multiple fake identities to other nodes in the network. Sybil attacks pose a great threat to decentralized systems like peer-to-peer networks and geographic routing protocols. In our proposed method, we used Passive Ad Hoc Identity Method and Key Distribution by using Neighbor Discover Distance Algorithm.We can take throughput, delivery ratio, delay time and energy efficient parameters to differentiate the results and to improve the overall performance of secure data transmission on Wireless Sensor Network.