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Published in:   Vol. 2 Issue 2 Date of Publication:   December 2013

Detection and Implementation of Neighbor Positions in Wireless Networks

R.Sangeetha,Viji vinod

Page(s):   49-51 ISSN:   2278-2397
DOI:   10.20894/IJCNES. Publisher:   Integrated Intelligent Research (IIR)

In a growing number of ad hoc networking protocols & location-aware services require that mobile nodes must learn the position of their neighbors. Such a process can be easily adopted by adversarial nodes. In absence of a priori trusted nodes, the detection & implementation of neighbor positions presents challenges that have been scarcely investigated in the literature. In my paper, we can address the open issue by proposing a fully distributed cooperative solution that is robust against independent & colluding adversaries & can be impaired only by an over whelming presence of adversaries. Results show that the protocol can thwart more than 99 % of the attacks under the best possible conditions for the adversaries, with minimal false positive rates.